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Kupuna Care

Promoting health and well-being at every age.

We put our hearts into finding you the right care home.

Here we have resources to help you on your journey to long-term care. Here you will learn how to find a care home in Hawaii and how our team of placement professionals can help you get there quickly. 

Four Steps to

Your Care Home

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Step 1

Personal Consultation

We meet with you one-on-one or over the phone to discuss your needs and the options available to you.

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Step 2

Level of Care Assessment

We give your senior a quick assessment to determine their level of care category. This helps us find the right caregiver.

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Step 3

Finding Longterm Senior Care

We work with our network of caregivers on Oʻahu to find the right home for your senior, based on their personal needs.

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Step 4

Moving into your New Home

We help assist and coordinate a warm and simple transition for your family to welcome your senior to their new home.

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