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How are care homes dealing with the COVID-19 Pandemic?

During this time Residential Care Homes are still in operation caring for kupuna and trying their best to keep them healthy.  Some homes are still admitting residents, others rather wait until the epidemic is over.  One of the questions that caregiver’s have asked is if hospitals will test patients prior to admission? Unfortunately, at this time unless patients are displaying any symptoms of covid 19 no testing will be done.  This is also due to the shortage of test at large.  As an attempt to keep their current residents safe and healthy some homes are limiting visitations for families and friends.  They are also making sure they practice social distancing while taking patients out in the community, and limiting visits in the community as much as possible. 

Here are videos of some of our beloved caregivers, sharing how they are protecting their patients and maintaining safety standards during this time.

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